Philadelphia magazine’s Ultimate Restaurant Guide

Published by Temple University Press, fall 2004

When renowned national food critic John Mariani ranked Philadelphia’s food scene among the top ten in the country, placing it alongside longtime culinary destinations New York and San Francisco, nobody at Philadelphia magazine was surprised. That’s what the magazine’s food critics always in search of the best of Philly have known for years. The Ultimate Restaurant Guide condenses their comprehensive knowledge and thousands of meals into one informative, easy-to-digest handbook, essential for both the Philadelphia foodie and the hungry tourist. It profiles Philadelphia’s most influential chefs and restaurant owners, including Le Bec-Fin’s Georges Perrier, and restaurant mogul Stephen Starr. It provides a behind-the-scenes look at the Philadelphia food purveyors, who are responsible for some of the nation’s hottest food trends from La Colombe coffee to Metropolitan Bakery’s artisanal breads to Jubilee Chocolates. And it reviews of more than 230 of the best restaurants in the Philadelphia region.