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Harold McGee would like to apologize for the term “molecular gastronomy.”

“It’s pretentious,” he says of the mouthful of a phrase used throughout the 2000s to describe the newly trendy intersection of science and cooking. Coined for the First International Workshop on Molecular and Physical Gastronomy, a 1992 conference that McGee helped organize, “molecular gastronomy” unintentionally made the chemistry of cooking seem difficult, something best left to the experts. McGee, the author of On Food and Cooking, a standard required text in many culinary schools that’s also used in university science courses for non-majors, has spent his entire career telling home cooks exactly the opposite: “Cooking is something where you apply the science with your own two hands.”

role: Author
outlet: Techer (Caltech Alumni Annual)
publication date: 2019
category: Other

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