Philadelphia Chef’s Table:
Extraordinary Recipes from the City of Brotherly Love

Published by Globe Pequot Press, fall 2012

Not so long ago, Philadelphia’s national culinary identity could be summed up in one predictable word: “cheesesteak.” Now, you’re more likely to hear food lovers discussing Iron Chef Jose Garces, restaurant mogul Stephen Starr, Marc “Is this the best Italian restaurant in America?” Vetri, and the gelato geniuses of Capogiro than debating the merits of Pat’s versus Geno’s.

With each bite, the whole country is discovering what Philadelphia diners have known for more than a decade. Beneath the neon and swagger of our signature street food, the City of Cheez Whiz has grown into a bona fide food destination.

The Philadelphia Chef’s Table is a delicious snapshot of this notable moment in the constantly evolving Philly food scene. It’s filled with the talented chefs, innovative bartenders, and personable owners behind the city’s sixty most influential restaurants and bars, the stories behind our top spots, cooking advice gleaned from feeding Philadelphians every single day, and more than seventy of our favorite chefs’ and restaurateurs’ favorite recipes.