Local Food Environments: Food Access in America

Published by CRC Press, fall 2014
Contribution with The Food Trust

Local Food Environments: Food Access in America, edited by Mount Sinai School of Medicine’s Kimberly B. Morland, provides information on the complex nature of food delivery systems as well as the historical and political trends that have shaped them over time. The book presents the empirical evidence demonstrating disparities in access to healthy affordable foods across the United States and how these disparities may explain food consumption patterns for some Americans as well as potential risks for diet-related illness.

The Food Trust contributed a chapter on Pennsylvania’s efforts to improve food access. It explores the history of the “grocery gap;” The Food Trust Framework, a local advocacy model that led to state and national financing efforts to address the lack of access to supermarkets; and how Pennsylvania’s successes in addressing food access issues inspired similar advocacy campaigns in dozens of states and at the federal level.