Get Your Goat

Published by Quarry Books, spring 2012
With author and goat farmer Brent Zimmerman

“Goats, huh?” your neighbor might say, with a wide grin or a nervous laugh and a glance at their prized rose bushes, when you tell them of your plans for a backyard barnyard.

You aren’t alone in your daydreams of living a simple life. You can go back to the land even if you don’t have much land to go back to. Urban farmsteads are popping up all over. From keeping a compost pile full of earthworms and a small chicken coop to a beehive on the rooftop and goats in the garage, an increasing number of your neighbors are committing to growing and sourcing their own food.

This book show you how to turn your backyard into a reality, introducing you to goats, their needs, and the responsibilities of the goat farmer.