April has more than a decade of experience writing about food – from recipes and restaurants, to farming and artisanal
production, to food as tradition, health, business, politics and more – and collaborating with talented chefs and artisans.
A small taste of her work:

Lemonade with Zest
Lemonade with Zest,
coming spring 2018
Sweet Sugar, Sultry Spice
Sweet Sugar, Sultry Spice,
with chef Malika Ameen
Philadelphia Chef's Table
Philadelphia Chef’s Table
PitmasterPitmaster, with chefs Andy Husbands and Chris Hart
Latin Evolution
Latin Evolution,
with chef Jose Garces
Noodle Kids
Noodle Kids,
with chef Jonathon Sawyer

Restaurants & Chefs
Food & Wine
Food & Wine:
A Chef’s All-American Thanksgiving
Fork in the Road
Philadelphia magazine:
Fork in the Road
award winner
The Making of a Restaurant
Philadelphia magazine:
The Making of a Restaurant
award winner
Ultimate Restaurant Guide
Ultimate Restaurant Guide


Philadelphia magazine:
In Search of the Jersey Tomato
award winner
Apples to Cider
Apples to Cider,
with cidermaker Stephen Woods
Chickens in Five Minutes a Day
Chickens in Five Minutes a Day,
with the hatchery staff
Get Your Goat
Get Your Goat,
with goat farmer Brent Zimmerman

Food Policy
Local Food Environments
Local Food Environments,
contribution with The Food Trust
Healthy Food Financing Handbook
Healthy Food Financing Handbook,
with The Food Trust
Healthier Corner Stores
Healthier Corner Stores,
with The Food Trust
25 Years, 25 Stories
25 Years, 25 Stories,
with The Food Trust